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Venom Power Trail Hunter ATS Tires

All-Season All-Terrain Unique Hybrid tire Developed for both Passenger Light Truck and Smaller CUV.


  • Binary sidewall design with 3-dimensional wedge-shaped lugs on one side and swooping convex fang-shaped lugs on the opposite side
  • Evenly spaced tread blocks and intermediate void-to-lug ratio
  • ATS siping in tread block grooves
  • Dual-stage shoulder lugs
  • Computer-aided variable block pitch, spacing and arrangement


  • Giving the enthusiasts aesthetic options for their off-road rigs
  • For more balanced performance on- and off-road for both light trucks and CUVs
  • Improves wet and winter driving traction
  • Improve biting edge on rocky terrain
  • Reduce road noise levels for a smoother ride and increase comfort for both the driver and passengers

Venom Power

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